[Selection of May] Smite fan arts


My selection of May for Smitegame fan arts with a new sort of video, now you can see me presenting drawings it’s in french for the moment but english subtitles avalaibe.

Thanks to Mélanie Chenel alias NeahArk for traduction.


And hello everyone. Welcome in this first video, which is not the first video of Smite fanarts that I make, but the first that I’m going to present. I offer you to discover my finds and my selection of the Smite fanarts from May. So the first fanart is Sol, you must have recognize her, from MissPugster. I really like the colors she used, she has a youtube channel so you’ll be able to see the process of some others illustrations. I invite you to have a look at it. Here’s Sol again, the merciless solar Nordic goddess. This time it’s CutiChan who offer you this illustration . I think that from the beginning of my research she has always been there and has always produce fanarts of very good quality. Here is one of her last skin concept, the Forest Guardian Sol, it’s a commission rather sexy and we must admit that this bucolic skin looks perfect on her. We’re gonna stay with CutiChan, and here we have Arachne. Personally I really like the legs on this new design and the details coming with it. Miss Kurai offer a fanart of Arachne with her new design too. I remark the spider between her claws and the dark atmosphere coming from this fanart.

 We’re gonna stay on that dark atmosphere with the Loki from Shwonky. A new skin, perfect for him, and for me Hirez have pay tribute to many fanarts dedicated to the circus world. Once again here’s a Loki but with a different point of view, created by SOWS631. We’ll appreciate this point of view pretty special, which is not taking away the quality of this drawing. Loki again but this time with some pale tint, and it’s Rina who’s offering us this fanart. Don’t hesitate to visit her gallery. You’ll find in the video the gallery of the artists under my little avatar of Isis turned into Bethsy by Luoren.

This time in black and white the Loki from Curse_Of_Lolth, that I particularly like. Especially the interlacing and the runes that we can see all over the drawing. We’ll stay in the black and white, and it’s Cherchen who offer us a mysterious and coquettish Nemesis, the look and hair unveil.

Mirco Cabbia, a.k.a MirkoVich. Offer a sensual Nemesis. And an other fanart from MirkoVich: the Chang’e, also a commission, gentle and calm next to a lake. Here is a fanart from JovannaHallblade, as you can see it’s the name of her deviantart gallery and you can find her on twitter and facebook as well. Most of her fanarts are traditional drawings , mostly in black and white. Don’t hesitate to go and have a look, there’s not ony Chang’e, you can also find Freya or Neith which have been done recently.

Here is a skin concept that’s gonna scare more than one. Personally I didn’t watched the full movie because the first scene disturbed me a lot. So you can recognize “The Ring” and the skin concept is from IgnaciaCorrea. On a funnier tone, the stickers from Kitten. Here Scylla and here Bellona. Don’t hesitate to go and visit her gallery, you’ll find more gods represent with the same cute style. Here’s the Zhong Kui from Luoren. And yes Luoren will never stop to surprise us with some wonderful skin concept. With details and ideas of her own. We can notice the little hearts on the boxer shorts and the grumpy appearence of Zhong Kui who have everything to make us smile.

Here’s the Sun Wukong from Dantiae. I don’t know what to say more than to appreaciate the atmosphere and the warm colors coming from it. And which, for me, fit perfectly to the god. Here’s one of the fanarts from Xelgot, you’re gonna discover an other one right after. Here we have the Valkyrie Kali, who came out during the Viking invasion. And here the Hindu goddess is turn into a viking. Here come the second fanart from Xelgot, a Apollo. Carefull ladies~. A modern and rebel Apollo. Beware! He might have more than one string to his bow. Here’s a watercolor from Gwenonwyn. Gwenonwyn surprised me in a good way during our fanart contest with a chocolate Ymir perfectly adorable and a Rasta Pouah really crazy. Once again I am pleasantly surprised by the wonderful colors of this watercolor.

This is the Raijin from Bluanka. A god that is not really depicted in the fanarts and I really appreciate the fact that he is represented with his electric companion. We’ll finish with a gif from Verydeepship, Verydeepshit! Sorry I’m making the same mistake as the one I made on twitter, not a problem. Don’t hesitate to have a look at her deviantart there’s others gifs very pleasant to discover. I hope you liked this video, it’s my first one, I’m a little bit stressed. I really hope you liked it, I hope there’ll be more of those videos. Don’t hesitate to leave comments, don’t hesitate to go have a look on the website where you’ll see other fanarts, on Leifbeth.fr. You can follow us on twitter. And thanks to Hirez Studio for this game which allowed me to discover a really nice community, and allow me to discover some pretty fanarts every days as well as allowing me to meet really kind people. Thanks to all for watching the whole video and see ya soon~.

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Music : “Kings of Tara” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Fixed Picture : “Sam’s Organic Universe” by Nicolas Raymond http://freestock.ca/photomanipulations_g84-sam_s_organic_universe_p4933.html under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Avatar Bethsisis by Johanna Girard
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Fan arts from Smitegame by Hi-Rez Studios